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The recently premiered show on Paramount+, titled Special Ops: Lioness, has garnered enthusiastic acclaim from both reviewers and its audience. The narrative revolves around Cruz (depicted by Laysla De Oliveira), a female Marine assigned the role of befriending the daughter of an alleged terrorist. Her objective is to penetrate his extremist group, all under the watchful guidance of Joe (played by Zoe Saldana), a female CIA agent responsible for overseeing Cruz throughout the operation. A significant portion of the show was shot at Fort Ritchie, the once-active military installation located in Cascade, Maryland.

Spec Ops: Lioness

Spec Ops Lioness Poster
Jeeps on Barrick Avenue
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Come and Experience the Fort in Person

Enthusiasts of the show who wish to explore the actual sites where filming took place have the opportunity to do so by making a trip to Fort Ritchie. This former fort has transformed into a sought-after spot for tourists, boasting a range of experiences that not only provide insights into the fort's historical significance but also allow individuals to witness the exact locations where Special Ops: Lioness was shot. 

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